Lightroom Vs Sony “.arw” raw format: the solution

How did I solved the problems of Adobe Lightroom not recognizing sony raw format? keep reading this post..

Yes. Has been so sad. Once got my new Sony RX100V, I went straight to take some shots outside; finally at home, I downloaded the files on my macbook and opened Lightroom.


Lightroom (it still was the version 5) did not recognized the “.arw” sony format. After looking around on the web to get a solutions I discovered that practically almost every version of Lightroom is no “friendly” with sony’s raw format (photoshop as well..).

There are some patch you can find on internet but doesn’t work with many version and, for me, it didn’t work out. You can even find a command line tool that translate arw to raw way. The only way to be able to see those pics has been doing a conversion from arw to dng format.

Forget even to actualize to the last version: it’s not gonna get better.

After a couple of days of “resilience” filtering lot of posts about sony’s arw format and lightroom in several forums online..I got to a conclusion: there were some versions of lightroom able to recognise the formats and many others not. you want a solution? here you have it…

The only way I achieved to have Lightroom fully working with sony’s arw format is.. downgrading and installing Lightroom version 6.8 (2015.8).

It has not been easy though to find this version but after a while I got it; you can go to THIS page of the adobe website where you’re able to find every 6.x version for Mac/Win. Here, you need to download and install the version 6.8 for MAC or WIN (do a backup first) and there you are: lightroom perfectly working again even with your brand new camera.




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