Skydiving Jump


Here I am, Andrea.. better known as “Fast“.

And here we are, togheter, at the starting point of a digital experience that will follow me through my next trips around the world and through my daily busy life melted in between loving my patient girlfriend and our two cats, working, studying, training, running my Harley Davidson and, most of the time, dreaming.

Class 1980, I grew up in Italy in a city closed to Milan and I have had kindof lively lot of extra work to my parents.

After secondary school, I voluntarily joined airborne paratroopers having some fun and travelling a bit for some years. Then, I kept constantly body and mind at 15.000ft. as a professional sport skydiver and windtunnel instructor/coach for about 14 years to this day, travelling around to organize jumps, learning and coaching in many wind tunnels and accumulating about 4000+ skydives and 700+ hours of tunnel flying.

After achieving 1 Italian, 2 Europeans and 1 World Freefly Skydiving record, I settled down closed to the sea in Empuriabrava, Spain, where I actually live with my girlfriend and our two cats, mainly working as a coach and instructor at Windoor wind tunnel (which I strongly suggest you to try..) …as well as a Personal Trainer, Flowfit/Clubbells instructor and Tacfit Team Leader…and student in Dietetic and Nutrition at the university.

I travelled a lot in the last years but I spent most of the time jumping from a plane and coaching peoples. I love teaching and I definitely believe that is one of the best way to learn too.

I met many people and got many friends around the world, always adding something new in my mind and in my heart.

In 2015, I went with my girlfriend for a trip in Kenya to catch up with one of my best friend from Italy that actually moved there and.. I felt in love. That love: love for Africa, love for the people I met and spent time with to be back around the world breathing different cultures and smiles, stepping over centuries of history and traditions and getting some shots with my camera to transmit my emotions to the others.

I felt in love with the kids..and started to directly contribute with a school project at Kibokoni village  in Malindi funding money from friends and mates I know and taking it there in first person. Kids are our future and I believe that -education- is the last key we have to change the world to a better one.


So here I am, back dreaming about travelling and visiting new countries, mainly the wild ones, hoping soon or later to stop in Africa working into anti-poaching as a wildlife ranger..and sharing with you my experiences, the backstage and some piece of my busy life in this short trip on earth we got gifted.


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