Problems MacOS High Sierra & photography solved

Did you updated your macOS to the last High Sierra 10.13.4 ?   

Are you an amateur or professional photographer?   

Are you having problems with Adobe Lightroom and/or Canon EoS Utility?   

Here you get the solution!


Yes, I waited 8 months before upgrading to MacOS High Sierra just because I know that every new version that comes out takes lot of problems of backward-compatibility with some pre-installed softwares; and normally, the ones we use more often…

“If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which something can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop.”

Unfortunately, 8 months has not been enough to avoid problems in the same moment I connected my Canon to the Macbook:

       1. Canon EoS Utility 2 doesn’t open anymore

Sad but true: the app is not working anymore, neither using the well-known combo “shift+opt+click”.

SOLUTION: go to the european Canon website at this link, select your camera and then select your operating system (actually they just updated to the last version for High Sierra…you lucky man..). Download the 10.13.x High Sierra version for your camera, install it you get it (to be sure, restart the mac).


       2. Adobe Lightroom doesn’t open anymore

Yet again: the app is not working anymore, neither using the well-known combo “shift+opt+click”.

SOLUTION: I was still with the 6.8 version that permitted me to use my backup camera, a Sony RX100V, with Lightroom as I explained in one of my previous articles; cold shower: Adobe Lightroom versions < 6.13 are not anymore supported by Sierra! What the hell… So, here the solution: go to this page of the Adobe website where you’re able to find every 6.x version for Mac/Win. Here, you need to download and install the latest version 6.14 for MAC (do a backup first) and there you are: lightroom perfectly working again..!


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